NOTRE DAME! I know, it's a strange choice of teams for a guy born and raised in west Texas but let me explain. My father was a huge football fan when I was a kid. He told me that college ball had a lot lore passion and try in it. Which is strange because he doesn't even watch college ball lol. He's Cowboys all the way. Shortly after saying this, we watched Rudy together. That was it. Notre Dame has been the greatest football team in the history of ever (to me) since I was 9.

Strangely enough, statistically that was absolutely true until last year. Notre Dame up until Michigan slid in 1st last year, had the highest win percentage of any team in any spot in history.  However, they did hold 1st place in that category for longer than any team in history.

Because I'm such a big Notre Dame fan, I don't necessarily go for any particular pro team. This year I'm rooting for the Cowboys and the Browns. Notre Dame alum Jaylon Smith is playing for the Cowboys, and Deshone Kizer who in my opinion is one of the most exciting quarterbacks in 20 years, is playing for the Browns. I might add that he's already pieced up the Saints and the Giants this pre-season.

What's your team?

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