Can I tell you 1 thing that I have thoroughly missed throughout this quarantine? Going to the movies! Well, that's a given. More importantly, my movie popcorn! My family is probably tired of hearing me say on a Friday or Saturday night, I sure could go for some movie popcorn right now. Literally, every weekend. Check it out, Cinergy Cinemas heard my cries!

Starting tomorrow, Friday April 24th, Cinergy Odessa will be offering curbside service on Friday's and Saturday's from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. only on those days.(NO the movie theater will NOT be open showing movies. Strictly curbside service.) The 'Family Movie NIght' offer will be:

  • 1 large pizza
  • 1 large popcorn
  • 4 ICEE drinks
  • $25 fun card bonus cash

All for only $29.99! Friday and Saturday only starting tomorrow.


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