We are 16 shopping days away from Christmas. Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? Do you even have many people to buy for, either family, friends or even co-workers? I remember when I was little there would be so many presents under the tree and there are four of us I have three other siblings. But I always knew that not only were they for our immediate family, including my parents, they were for cousins, aunts for uncles. Now that I have my own family, my Christmas list is not that long at all. 

Are many of you the same? I think you find that as you get older you don't necessarily want gifts for yourself. Children, everyone's kids are a completely different story and in our family that's exactly what we do. We used to draw names at Christmas but at some point it just becomes more difficult to buy for other adults because no one needs anything. And anything we might need we go out and buy ourselves right?

It's gotten to the point where in our family we only buy for the kids and by kids I mean usually probably 18 and younger. I know growing up my mom bought for everyone, even if it was a little something. How do you do gift exchange in your family?


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