Have you heard of this website gofundme.com? It is a site where you can ask people to donate to 'your cause,' whatever that may be. Me personally, I would like to set up an account for a certain surgical enhancement, just sayin! lol But I seriously had a girlfriend make me get on the site to see the crazy things people are asking for money for here locally, check these out:

Here's a guy that is wanting to raise money to change his name. At first, I was like, "What???? to just change your name??" Then the story made more sense as to why.

There was this couple that wanted money so they could swim with whale sharks!

Here's a chica from Andrews that was asking people to help fund her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist! You go girl!
There were several tear jerkers posted on that site too. Take a look and see if there are any you'd like to help out! I think it's interesting what people ask money for.