Chance The Rapper is doing right by his city once again. After donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools in March, and receiving $1 million from the Chicago Bulls shortly after, the Coloring Book creator's $2.2 million fundraising efforts will benefit arts education programs in 20 schools.

On Friday (Sept. 1), Chance visited Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago to announce that the funds raised by his non-profit organization SocialWorks will go to 20 CPS schools to help with staff and budgets.

"These schools will receive $100,000 over the next three years with budgeting and staffing and guidance provided by CPS and Ingenuity," said Chance.

During that time, principals will regularly meet with members of SocialWorks to be guided on budgeting as well as staffing the programs.

While the Grammy Award-winning rapper revealed that the 20 schools were chosen based on CPS ratings and how much the schools were affected by budget cuts, the most important factor was the determination and vision school principals displayed for their arts programming.

Chance will continue fundraising in his city next week when he hits up a new Nando's chicken restaurant. The rapper is getting behind the grill to serve customers wings in a mission to raise money for his SocialWorks organization and support Chicago Public Schools.

For more information about SocialWorks, visit their website here.

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