Don't freak out! People hear "gas shortage" and they do the absolute worst thing they could do and rush out all at once to fill up everything they have that can hold liquid. Everyone calm down and lets all take a deep breath.

Due to the hurricane, some areas have been experiencing gas shortages from what I've heard. I'm not an expert on this but it seems to me if you just fill up your ride and act normal, we will be fine. If everyone rushes to the pumps and freaks out then we really will cause all the gas stations to go dry before they can resupply. Again, I'm no expert, but in my humble opinion, if everyone freaks out at the same time it's going to make any problem we may or may not have worse.

It makes sense to me anyway.


According to Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, people are putting undue demand on fuel and making it difficult to resupply stations quickly. Basically, with so many people wanting to fill up at the same time, it's causing the "shortages". Sitton says there is plenty of gasoline and this will subside.