The 432 isn't usually the first place people think of when they think of talent...but it should be. It almost seems like people around here take pride in bashing our area. No one seems to proudly represent Odessa/Midland. He recently performed the BaeWatch Foam Party at Barback Patio and unleashed his 432 exclusive song "Clements" for the first time ever.


Enter Antoine Banks. Not only is he from West Texas, he makes sure everyone knows he's damn proud of it. Antoine has talent for days and the cool part is, he doesn't have to be one dimensional to gain popularity. In a world where every song is pretty much about money, women, and partying, Antoine has something real to say.


Don't get it twisted though, he'll gladly make you shake your ass and tilt a bottle back, but that's not all he's about. Antoine encourages people to be themselves and expect greatness but work hard at the same time to make it happen. Don't think he's just small time either. He's rubbed elbows with several big names like Migos and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Keep a look out for this guy because you'll bee seeing more of him.


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