I quite possibly had the tallest snowcone ever yesterday. Seriously, it was super tall and super good! If you are ever in my hometown of Andrews, you must try the cherry-pickle snow at The Sugar Shack. Half pickle, half cherry=heaven, it's my new fave! Meanwhile, we have plenty of fabulous snow cone places here in the 4-3-2 and I need to know who, what and where, stat! 

It's the time of year, school is ending, the hot, summer days are among us and snow cones are a part of every day life. lol I've gotta say I have tried the Snickerdoodle snow cone at Bahama Buck's in Midland and its a close 2nd to this one, so I highly recommend that flavor next time you are in the area! Where do you go to cool down with a snow cone and what flavor should I try when I go?

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