Buzz Question - Hey guys, Should I PROPOSE to my girlfriend VIA ZOOM this Sunday? We were suppose to MEET Up and I was going to do it in person, but due to circumstances we can't. I asked a couple of lady friends and they think it 's better if I do it in person. Ladies, if you had a choice, would you want a Valentines Day ZOOM proposal or one in person on another day? Guys, would you do this?

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Unless it was a thing where it’s time sensitive because if Illness or something like that,Wait ! That’s bonding moment hugs and kisses necessary. I can’t even believe that would be a option.

One in person, just wait out the circumstances. If you Zoom it her story will be the next buzz question we hear “ hey guys so my man proposed to me via Zoom on VALENTINE’S DAY!! What the hell ?!!”

Just wait it’ll be worth it .. Valentine’s Day proposals are so cliché.. DO NOT ZOOM IT !!! .. she’ll hate you for it ..

No NOone wants to share such a special moment _engagement_ with a holiday that's just a lazy way not to forget your anniversary. Just wait and find a special day that meant something to the both of y'all

Do it in person.It makes it more special !

If you have to ask your not ready to get married!! Zoom proposal

That’s a sign don’t do it

If your asking then you know the answer. IN PERSON ya goof

Not zoom lol everyone useing zoom for everything lol be a men do it in person!

And yea just wait to do it another day

Yolatli R
In person! I would take it serious if it was via zoom


No for you if you try to pull that shit...


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