Buzz Question: My husband's cousins are coming in from out of town.  They usually come by once a year and spend the holidays with us.  They leave a few days after Christmas.  It's a lot of work and effort hosting them and it's not cheap feeding them and their kids every night for 2 weeks.  I want to ask them to kick in some money to help pay for everything, but my husband says that we can't charge them for staying with us because they are family and it's the holidays.  I think they should have to at least help out with the food costs.  Am I wrong?

Here Is What TEXAS Is Saying About It!

Nah not cool, that's family! If you can't accommodate them, then don't have them over.

There's no reason why your Husband can't talk to his cousin and just come ukp with a plan. No biggie.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for the week. So easy.

The family must not be hispanic or Latino, cause they would automatically show up loaded with food for 3 months, and you wouldn't even had to ask this question... js. Latinos/hispanics know and have grown up knowing not to ever show up at anyone home empty handed, even if you are there for 1 hour.

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