Six days after posting a photo to Instagram of herself mid-tattoo session, Ariel Winter gave fans a sneak peek at one of her new pieces of body art.

The Modern Family actress — who recently dyed her hair a deep red — posted another photo late last night (March 29) showing a text tattoo written across her right hip. Ariel offered little more than a quick glimpse, but according to her caption (which reads, “Peep tattoo 1 of 3”) it’s not the only ink she got that day.

Ariel, who's noticeably more comfortable in her own skin, has become an advocate for body positivity since undergoing breast reduction surgery in 2015. She penned an open letter about the procedure earlier this year, elaborating on her reasoning behind electing to reduce her F-cup breasts.

Not only did she suffer from pain due to the size, the actress wrote that she received unwanted attention from people who ignored her talent to zero in on her appearance.

"Women are already over-sexualized, and I grew into my body so young. I was 13, 14 years old, and I looked 19. Suddenly, people didn’t want to talk about my job—they just wanted to talk about my cleavage,” she wrote. "I’d go to awards shows and the next day see everyone on the Internet telling me I shouldn’t look like this and dress like that. The conversation became about my looks instead of my talent and work—everything that I didn’t want. I even started getting messages from older male fans, and let’s just say they were gross.”

Despite her best efforts to draw attention further away from her body, Ariel faced criticism back in January when the strapless, backless gown she wore to the SAG Awards showed off her breast reduction scars. It set off a maelstrom of unprompted comments from Internet trolls, but she shut down all discourse by tweeting about it:

Still, she champions for body positivity in all forms, having recently defended Kim Kardashian's right to post a nude selfie. Kim later reached out to Ariel (and other celebrities who defended her), thanking them for support.