Elite lyricists will always have a home in hip-hop and few have had as welcome of a stay as Joe Budden. It's not often that a rapper whose chunk of fanfare comes from outside of commercial releases can stay afloat for nearly 15 years, maintain their longevity and remain relevant to younger fans, as well as old. But the New Jersey rhyme animal has managed to do so while remaining poised when under fire and putting a spotlight under the muck and the mire of his turbulent lifestyle.

As a result, he's made some of the most riveting music for the genre for more than a decade. Joe Budden, like Bane, was born in the darkness and thrives off of it musically, but outside of the confines of a recording booth, he's usually as chummy as they come. While a failed stint in the major label system would break many artists' spirits, the Jersey City product has bounced back from the brink of obscurity and won fans over with his introspective mixtape material, but another source of his popularity these days is his presence on social media.

For a man that exorcised his demons over beats before Twitter and Facebook made occasionally being emo a way of life, social media has been an invaluable tool for Joe Budden to connect directly with his fans and provide them with more of the candor that they've come to love from his records in the form of a tweet. With a following that rivals artists with more buzz factor, Budden is a heavy contender for the crown of hip-hop's most proficient social media user, in addition to being one of its most potent spit-kickers.

Another distinction that sets Joe Budden apart from the pack is his extensive history with women, which has afforded him the rep of a bachelor of the highest power. With names like Esther Baxter, Tahiry and Kaylin Garcia just being a sampling of the beaus on his hit list, the rapper knows a thing or two about dealing with the ladies, whether it be showering them with affection or coping with their more passionate moments that border on psychosis and all things in between.

We mined through Joe Budden's Twitter account for some advice and observations about the opposite sex and dug up some pretty enlightening gems that could help women, as well as men, gain a little clarity about the ongoing battle that is Venus vs. Mars.