Kehlani’s suicide attempt has become the hot topic on social media. While some were sympathetic to the Grammy-nominated singer’s plight, others were less understanding. Chris Brown decided to voice his opinion on the situation and was dragged on Twitter for it.

Breezy jumped on his timeline and slammed Kehlani for possibly faking her suicide to garner sympathy after she may have been caught cheating on her reported boyfriend Cleveland Cavaliers b-baller Kyrie Irving with ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR.

"Girls be mad at a n---- for f---ing around wit bitches but her DMs got more names then the Declaration of Independence," he tweeted. The 26-year-old singer then affirmed his allegiance to Irving with a #TeamKyrie hashtag before shading Kehlani's suicide attempt. He tweeted:

Brown's insensitive tweets sparked a polarizing debate on social media. Some people felt that Breezy should mind his own business since his record when it comes to relationship haven't been so stellar (*cough* Rihanna). However, several people came to Brown's defense and believe that Kehlani is in the wrong for allegedly cheating on Irving.

"I like Chris Brown, but what he said about Kehlani was wrong on so many levels...," wrote one fan, while another follower tweeted, "Y'all was just talking about how wrong Kehlani was now y'all saying Chris brown wrong for saying what most of us were thinking?"

Read some of the fans' reactions below:

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