As the country is opening back up following the pandemic, 6ix9ine is already back on the road and claiming he's getting paid a pretty penny to perform.

On May 22, Tekashi headlined a show at Payne Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. The show appears to have gone off without a hitch, as the Brooklyn rapper seemingly packed out the 6,800-person capacity arena. 6ix9ine shared footage of the concert on his Instagram account, which shows the rapper turning up with the enthusiastic crowd rapping his lyrics word for word.

Of course, the rapper-federal informant made sure to brag about the feat on social media afterward. "RAPPERS LIE AND SAY THEY GET 200,000 A SHOW AND BE PERFORMING IN FRONT A DEAD CROWD WITH 700 PEOPLE THERE," he wrote as the caption for the video from the concert on his Instagram page. "I DROP 4 SONGS A YEAR AND GET 500,000 DOLLARS A SHOW AND DO ARENAS ‼️‼️‼️ TELL THESE RAPPERS CATCH THE FUCK UPPPPPPPPP."

He doubled down on his Instagram Story shortly afterward, continuing to try and discredit rappers who claim they get over six figures for a show. "Rappers: I get 200,000 a show. 6ix9ine: That's cute. We do 500,000 over here," he posted.

6ix9ine has been back outside for few months now. He started performing shows again last month with a concert in Orlando, Fla., at which he jumped into the crowd. As far as his internet presence, he has remained Troll of the Year-worthy, making headlines dissing Lil Reese after the Chicago rapper was shot earlier this month.

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