I got a new car this year and have very seriously been thinking about getting personalized license plates. Not a big deal, everyone has them. I love reading what some of them say, people can be so witty. I've never really given much thought to license plates however until recently.

I've had so many different cars in my lifetime and it's like clockwork, get a new car, you get your new license plates in the mail, slap 'em on your ride and go on about your business. Simple right? It should be until I came across an article about all the ways you can be ticketed for your license plate in Texas.

Photo by Bridger Bowcutt on Unsplash
Photo by Bridger Bowcutt on Unsplash


1. Texas is a 2 plate state

Keep in mind Texas is a 2 plate state which of course means we are required to have a license plate on the front and back of each vehicle.

2. Damaged license plate

Your license plate must be on full display and in full view to officers at all times.

3. You cannot choose where to put your plates

Your plates need to be on the front and back of your vehicle, you can be ticketed for an improperly displayed plate.

4. You must report stolen plates

As soon as you realize your plates have been lost or stolen, it must be reported and more importantly, replaced. 

5. Counterfeit plates can get you in trouble

Don't do it! Using plates from another vehicle or counterfeit plates will most definitely get you ticketed.

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