You guys, I was pleasantly surprised to learn recently that chivalry is not dead! Met a friend's new man the other day and as I went to introduce myself to him, he immediately removed the cowboy hat he was wearing and shook my hand as he told me his name. YES SIR! Can I say this kind of thing makes a lady melt? My girl may have a keeper. Manners. Respect. A true Texas gentleman. 


I have done my very best as a mother of 2 boys to instill manners, respect and ways to impress the ladies to my young men but I do not know if much of the younger generation 'gets it.' Well let me help ya out.


  • removing of the hat that I mentioned or tipping your hat to a lady just to acknowledge her-this followed by a 'how you doing' or 'hello ma'am,' you may just see hearts in her eyes
  • open/close her car door-especially on a first date or in the beginning of a relationship (don't stop once you've been together awhile)
  • hold the door open at the store-why does no one do this anymore? I can't tell you how many times a door has been shut in my face and left me in awe of the rudeness of it all! Men especially, hold the door for a lady.
  • order for her at a restaurant-I'm not saying pick out the salad on the menu and inform her that is what she's eating, I'm saying, simply ask her what she would like and when the waiter comes, give her order first then what you would like. This is more of a romantic thing to me, very flattering.
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  •  compliment her-if she had long hair and cut it short acknowledge it 'love your hair!' If you like her outfit, tell her so. 'That color looks great on you.' It shows you care and more importantly that you noticed.
  • Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash
    Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash

    To some it may seem outdated, to the younger generation chivalry may be dumb and old-fashioned but I am here to tell you it is not. So if you are not already doing a few of these things, maybe it's a good time to start.

    10 Things Every Texan Should Know

    10 Things Every Texan Should Know
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