I never thought I would see the day that I would practically become an employee of the grocery or department store where I shop but such is the case in this day and age. I try to avoid the self check out line at all costs because I am NOT a fan but some stores don't give you that option. I have literally stood in a line with a live person checking out customers and have been redirected to the self-checkout lane. (insert sarcastic eye roll here)

Self-check-out lines are everywhere now. In fact, they have taken over regular checkouts at many stores and while we may not like them it is definitely the way of the world these days. A criminal defense attorney on TikTok says there are several things you should be doing ANYTIME you use a self-checkout.

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash


1. USE SELF CHECKOUT ONLY ON SMALL ORDERS-think of it as a 10 items or less line.

2. MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD AS PROOF THAT YOU PAID-credit card statements are easily accessible if necessary.

3. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT -again proof of the items you purchased.

4. SCAN EACH OF YOUR ITEMS SLOWLY- you know when you see your own face on the screen in front of you at most checkouts? Those are cameras watching your every move. Make sure the cameras have a record of you scanning every single item you paid for.

In the checkout line at the grocery store.
Bruce Mikells

Check out the TikTok of this attorney who says it is actually quite risky to use self-checkout because it is very easy to be falsely accused of shoplifting! Watch her video and follow the steps in this article to ensure your safety.

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