New week, new scam. Unfortunately, the BBB is sharing with the public that a new 'roofing scam' has been reported. With the high winds, hail and crazy weather that Texas and West Texas imparticular have to deal with this time of year, we are all understandably concerned that our roofs are in tip top shape. 

According to the BBB Scam Tracker, they are receiving reports that 'free roof inspections are being offered by businesses specializing in roof repair.' Homeowners are being taken advantage of by these scammers wanting to inspect your roof and could potentially create damage that was never there to begin with.

Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash
Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash

These scammers have been known to use fake names for their 'businesses' that include the words roofing or construction in order to gain the homeowners trust to let them inspect. These scammers tend to go to great lengths to insist that a particular roof needs to be replaced, even showing photos to the homeowner of a roof with fake damage or a roof that is not in fact that homeowners roof at all.

The Better Business Bureau also warns potential employees not to fall for 'fake jobs' from these roofing scammers as well. Look out for your elderly neighbor or family member who may be prone to falling for these scammers.

If you would like more information on how not to fall for a fake roofing inspector and to avoid these roofing scams, you may refer to By the same token, if you are interested in hiring a legit roofing company, you may visit this website.

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