If someone were to ask me what my favorite food is, my answer would not be like most people. I hear steak, pizza, burgers, pasta, seafood all of the time. My kids would shout that their favorite, without a doubt, is pizza! Not this girl. I am a weirdo. What I consider my 'favorite food' not many people would feel the same. I can honestly say that my favorite food is....

salad! I know, I know, it's ridiculous! As a teen, my momma would get so frustrated with me. I weighed nothing yet still insisted on eating salads for just about every meal. Not because I wanted to watch my figure or cared what I ate or wanted to lose more weight, I just genuinely love, love, love salads. My family thinks I'm crazy. They will throw down some awesome fast food and momma grabs her favorite market salad from Chick fil A. True story. 

Recently we hit up the 210, with the greatest of restaurants on every street corner, literally any type of amazing food one can imagine and my fam chose to eat at one of our favorite places to eat when we are out-of-town, In n Out burger! Look what I chose to eat. Yes, that is THE market salad that I mentioned before. (peep my kids arm in the background like really mom you're taking a pic of my food? Let me eat!)

Now I'm not saying that is the only thing I eat, don't get it twisted. But you can bet at every restaurant, I'm going to browse the salads on the menu before I make my decision on what to eat. lol I'll take a chef, grilled chicken caesar, caprese, wedge or a good taco salad over anything else anyday. Hey, could be worse right?
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