If you have not visited the State Fair of Texas at least once in your lifetime have you even lived? When in Texas, you must do as most Texans have done and visit. The State Fair kicks off on Friday, September 30th and runs all the way through Sunday, October 23rd. Obviously, the midway is a huge draw for those who visit, many are all about the many vendors to shop til ya drop and yet others get excited about the rodeo and the live music featured every year but let me tell you what I personally look forward to each year...

the FOOD! The food featured at the State Fair of Texas is next level and something that every single Texan (and beyond) should try at least once. At the State Fair you will find deep-fried anything and everything, I've heard of deep-fried Twinkies, deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and this year there are some new deep-fried items on the menu and some not deep-fried but still sound good.


    • the chamoy pickle that went viral on TikTok-this should be a popular food item!
@aaliyahscosmetics Fruit Rollup Pickle Kit! 😋 LINK IN BIO #fyp #dillpicklekit #fruitbythefoot #chamoy #tajin ♬ Tití Me Preguntó - Bad Bunny
  • deep fried honey-well this sounds intersting and sticky!
  • Fernie's funnel cake chicken sandwich-funnel cake and chicken? Ok I'm interested.
  • pickle pizza
  • Pearlie's sweet slider-hot honey chicken and sweet potato pie waffle
  • Texas ranch hot wings

and many other interesting but scrumptious looking food items this year!

Check out the State Fair of Texas website for details on this year's event including the live music line up and how to purchase tickets.

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