Ok I am officially the odd man out. I never thought I would see the day where I would get strange looks at the store for something I'm NOT doing. Smh. Lastnight I went to the grocery and only needed 4 things. I had to wait in line outside of course and while staying 6 ft. away from everyone, I started to realize something....

they were ALL wearing masks and gloves. People who were in front of me, people walking up to stand behind me and as they did so, I saw lots of furrowed brows (because that's all I could see) peeps were giving me side eye because I was the only 'weirdo.' Here's the thing, I get it, we are all trying to stay protected, I am with you 100%.

However, I don't go anywhere. I literally go to the store and home and I might do it once a week and only IF I am in dire need of something right then. Plus I don't own a mask. If someone would like to send me one, that would be fabulous. (: Stay safe and healthy friends and go easy on the ONLY chick in the store not protected because more than likely it's ME!

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