Back in April, I posted an article excited to learn that Odessa is getting a Crumbl Cookies! I was eating at Rosa's on JBS and 42nd in Odessa one day and saw the sign that Crumbl Cookies would be 'coming soon.' I sure did start spreading the good news. At that time, I had phoned the current Midland location to get all the juicy details... 

I asked the obvious question?


The answer at the time? Mid-June was the tentative date.

So along with the rest of Odessa, I have been (im)patiently waiting and waiting and waiting but nothing. So this morning, like an annoying ex-girlfriend, I called again. The Midland store is so patient and kind to me by the way.

I asked, 'is the Odessa Crumbl Cookie location going to open soon?' To which the employee on the other end of the line responded, 'not until next month.' I proceeded to ask, can I have specific date? She answered, mid-July.

So there you have it, Crumbl Cookie enthusiasts. The 42nd and JBS Crumbl Cookie location in Odessa (where WingStop used to be) has pushed their opening date back a tad. Expect this new location to open sometime in mid-July. Not soon enough for this girl but for cookies like this, I can wait a little while longer.


Well, get ready because just in time, the perfect summer treat, Crumbl Cookies will finally be open in Odessa in JULY! What's your favorite Crumbl Cookie flavor?

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5 Things Midland/Odessa Need 
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