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Help guys! I've jokingly told him to stop , but it didn't work. My new man chews with his mouth open! It's a major ICK for me. And, yes I've told him. But it continues.  I don't want to hurt his feelings and keep going on about it but what else can I do? Suggestions?


Get you another man. He ain't grown up yet. Want my number?

Well if u cant tell him..
That he needs to close his mouth when he eats..then u wont have the back bone to tell him other stuff

You "jokingly" told him to stop won't make him stop. Be serious about it and tell him straight out "Hey that's gross, could you not chew with your mouth open?" If you can't be forward with him about these things, he'll think he can get away with other … See more

Get therapy. You've told him already, he keeps doing it and honestly he probably doesn't realize that he keeps doing it. You have to be able to communicate, if you can't do that the relationship won't last anyway.

Do the man a favor and break up with him. You're too immature for the guy. "I've told him jokingly". You're one of those feelings savers.

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