We are all anxiously awaiting the new Selena:The Series on Netflix to drop this Friday! That is why this week is The Selena Experience winning week. The Selena Experience featuring Los Chicos del 512 are coming to the Wagner Noel in 2021 on Sunday, April 18th. Los Chicos are a fabulous Selena tribute band coming to the Wagner Noel 2 days after what would have been our beloved Selena's 50th birthday. 

Let's celebrate the life and music of our Tejano Queen Selena Quintanilla! This Selena  tribute band is considered one of the best in the nation and have performed across the country for Selena fans. We are very fortunate that they have made the Permian Basin one of their stops to share their love of Selena with the rest of us Selena fans. 

Get ready to do the 'washing machine' with The Selena Experience featuring Los Chicos del 512 at the Wagner Noel in the year on April 18th! Leo and Rebecca have chances for you to win passes all week long on the morning show. If you would like to purchase tickets, you may do so here.

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