Yes Dead Heads, it's finally back! I fell behind momentarily on last season but come Sunday I will be ready to roll and up to date. Throughout the 6 seasons, I've had favorites come and sadly go. This got me to wondering, who is the B93 listeners character of choice. The ladies usually have a common favorite by the name of Daryl Dixon, played by none other than Boondock Saint, Norman Redus.

My first favorite has long been claimed and put down as one of the dead. Most people hate him but I think he really made the show exciting and gave us all someone to hate. Yes, Shane was my first favorite, followed by the infamous Governor. . .Until the bastard killed Herschel. What can I say? I like the bad guys. I do however have a favorite good guy and he sure as hell isn't Daryl. Glen. He is the true bad ass of TWD. When I thought he had died I lost it. He's the only one I have liked the entire show and is actually still alive.

Think about it. Almost every other character, you hated at one point or the other. Yes, even your beloved Daryl. Glen has been a nice guy and a bad ass from the first season and has saved every single other person in the group on several occasions.  So there you have it. I've given you my run down on my personal favs throughout the seasons. What are yours? In case you need help making your choice, here is a video of some random facts about the show itself. Enjoy and here's to Sunday.