Seeing as we must have The Walking Dead all year-round, AMC isn’t even waiting for Comic-Con’s Season 8 Trailer to drop the first look. See Daryl and Carol back to their old selves in a first photo, while bosses tease that Season 8 will feature more crossover than ever.

No more sitting in a dog food-stained closet or just plain sitting out for Walking Dead favorites Daryl and Carol, as the first Season 8 photo from Entertainment Weekly sees the pair enjoying life on the outside. Sure, Carol’s rocking the Kingdom armor, and Daryl is still down a leather vest from his motorcycle and crossbow ensemble, but it’s good to see the pair starting Season 8 in a good place:

And if you like seeing Daryl and Carol together, executive producer Scott Gimple promises that Season 8 will see more characters meeting (and apparently sharing apples) than ever before:

The season finale last year, seeing all the characters together interacting as one, was thrilling. It was exciting to see all these configurations of characters we hadn’t seen before. Even Aaron merely giving Jerry an apple felt satisfying. This is that times a million. Though it would be cool if the season began with just everybody giving each other apples. I’d be down with that. But it’s not that.

Elsewhere of The Walking Dead Season 8, we know Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon and Pollyanna McIntosh have been elevated to series regulars in their roles as Negan’s man Simon, Alexandria survivor Enid and garbage leader Jadis. It’s also possible Danai GuriraChristian Serratos and Jeffrey Dean Morgan appear less in the first half, owing to Avengers: Infinity War, motherhood and Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage film, respectively.

We’ll see more with the first trailer next week, so stay tuned for Comic-Con 2017.

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