According to a new survey DALLAS has the worst traffic in Texas.

Maciej Korzekwa
Maciej Korzekwa

According to a new study, Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world. The average driver in L.A. spends 104 hours a year stuck in traffic. So how do you think traffic is in  Midland and Odessa. Which of the two do you think has the worst traffic?
Here are the top 10 according to HOURS stuck in traffic per year.

1. Los Angeles, 104 hours a year stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

2. New York, 89 hours. (It costs New Yorkers an extra $2,533 a year. The rest of the top ten cities are all between $1,500 and $2,000.)

3. San Francisco, 83 hours.

4. Atlanta, 71 hours.

5. Miami, 65 hours.

6. D.C., 61 hours.

7. Dallas, 59 hours.

8. Boston, 58 hours.

9. Chicago, 57 hours.

10. Seattle, 55 hours.


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