I've always been a fan of local music. No one started out a national act. We all have to start local and move up. I was actually in a local band for most of my 20's and it was pretty awesome. I just wish there was more support for local artists and musicians here.

We have a ton of crazy talented artists but no one seems to care a lot of times. Go to San Antonio or even Lubbock and their local scene is booming with support of home town acts. Midland/Odessa isn't a small town. We have all the same talent and ability as Lubbock or San Antonio. If you can do me one favor in May, make it a point to go to a local show and show em some love.

My Prsonal Local Favs: Tonik, Track City, Crafting The Conspiracy, Rude Boi, and too many others to mention. Seriously, I love local music.