So, who does the dishes in your house? And, do you mind doing dishes. This morning we talked about that an average of 5 dirty dishes is always in the sink. Five dishes? That's it? That's not even really a lot of dishes. It made me wonder who does the dishes at my house? Well, I'll tell you that the dishes in my house are done by the dishwasher appliance. Now, the question should really be at least at my house who loads the dishwasher. That's probably the chore associated with dishes in my house. We do have dishwasher soap and occasionally actually do dishes the old-fashioned way. But, with a dishwasher appliance, the question is, who loads the dishwasher?
Thank goodness for dishwashers! And, I'm talking about the appliance. There's a little rule in our house, if you do the dishes then load them into the dishwasher. It's pretty simple and, like that, there really is no single person that's in charge of loading the dishwasher. In fact, all someone has to do is actually hit the start button and we're good to go. Oh, don't forget to put in the dishwasher little pod. I love those pots . LOL, so, how many dirty dishes on the average are left in your sink daily. Five? More than five? And, does it really even matter if you have a dishwasher appliance . Well, I must go and load the dishwasher, yes, it's such a chore . LOL But, someone has to do it. Dishes here I come!

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