Today is Bruno Marr's 35th Birthday! Happy Birthday to one of the best artist out there!
So this morning on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, we gave him a big shout out and even played some of his hits. But, the question is, WHERE IS BRUNO MARS?
Like literally the last time he put out an album was 2016 almost 5 years ago!

So I did some searching on the web and found this.
Here is a link to a story who asked the same question.

And, here is part of their story...

Not only is Bruno Mars working on a new album and is scheduled to return to Park MGM once it's safe to hold concerts again, but he's also going to star in and produce a Disney musical featuring his own original songs, according to Variety. While not much is known about the project, Bruno's involvement with the Disney film was announced back in February. It's unclear at this time whether the coronavirus has impacted production, but since we don't have a release day anyway, it's safe to assume things are (hopefully) on track.

Ok, so that link and story does explain some stuff. He is actually working on new music. It's just been a grip you know.
Well, Happy Birthday BRUNO and here some Bruno to hold us over until we get some new stuff!

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