So, I hit up McDonald's the other day and saw that the new 'Spicy' McNuggets from McDonald's were on the menu. They have arrived!  I'm going to be real. I don't really ever order Chicken Nuggets from anywhere including Mcdonald's, so I'm probably the wrong guy to test these.

A true FAN OF the original Chicken McNugget's from McDonald's should do the taste test, so, that you can make a comparison.

So, my taste test is really based on just what I think of them with NO comparison to the nuggets that are not spicy.

So here it goes.

First off, I ordered the 6 piece because who can eat 10? LOL

TASTE: 4 out of 5, overall impression was that they are tender yet have a crunch to them which is a MUST for all nuggets I would think. Who wants a MUSHY nugget? The chicken was tasty and honestly a good size.

SPICY/HOTNESS 5 Out of 5, Okay , the spicy factor on these nuggets are just right, I'm not going to lie. They are not CRAZY HOT and burn your taste buds but there is enough of a kick to get that spiciness you expect from a spicy nugget. I could actually have done with even 'hotter' spiciness to them. The hot sauce on the nugget is tasty.

So, when I ordered them they gave me a BBQ sauce with them, but thankfully I asked for a RANCH SAUCE. Did you know that McDonald's has a Ranch Sause? I Did not know. Well, that's the DIP for these suckers. I guess like a Chicken Wing, ranch and blue cheese seem to go well.  I would  recommend asking for the 'ranch sauce'.

So, overall I give these McNuggets a 4 out of 5 and was quite surprised on how tasty they were. Enjoy!