When is the last time you went to a Drive In Theater? If it's been a while, then you need to hit up the Big Sky Drive In Theater here in the 432! You know, not all cities have a Drive in, but we are blessed to have one here serving the Midland Odessa area! I 've had family come in from out of town and were impressed that we have a movie drive-in, because they didn't. And, many people remember going to drive ins maybe way back in the day. I love hitting up the Big Sky Drive-IN, there is just a different feeling and experience in going to a drive-in! Here are the things I LOVE about going to the Drive In!

It's JUST You and Your Friends or Family you Came With!

1. Don't have To Worry ABOUT loud people or not enough elbow room! Yep, the single best thing about a DRIVE IN experience is that it's a total experience with the people you came with and nobody else. Don't have to worry about people being loud, people dropping their food around you, people on their phones....NOPE! It's just you and your fam and friends and you all have the CAR or TRUCK to yourself!

Bring Your Pets!

They are part of your family and if you want, you can bring your fur babies to the Drive-In! Walk them around, then let them sleep in your lap if you want.

You Set The VOLUME Of The Movie!

Long gone are the old type of speakers that drive-ins use to have back in the day...NOW it's your Truck or Car STEREO! Yes, loud or not your in control!

Playground for The Kids Before The Movie

Yep, let the kiddos have at it on the playgrounds before the movie starts!

2 For The Price Of One!

You will never get 2 movies for the price one...BUT ONLY AT A DRIVE IN! Yep!


All I know is that the SNACKS AND FOOD at any Drive in I have been to have always ben great. Big Sky's FOOD ROCKS! and shout out to the 'Chihuahua' sandwich. AND, for some reason I always feel like a pay LESS than at a regular movie theater prices.

Makin Memories!

Nothing like the memories of watching a movie in the bed of a truck, or in front of your car in a lawn chair, or cuddled up inside your car. The 'Best' experience.

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