Kong is Back! Godzilla is back! They are BOTH together and ready to take each other out!
Brand new this weekend at the Big Sky Drive in is Godzilla Vs. King Kong!
It's been a while since a potential blockbuster has opened up at the movies, this might be the first of many since the pandemic hit.

Currently on Rotten Tomatoes it has a score of 79% TOMATOMETER 206 Reviews 95% AUDIENCE SCORE
Pretty good scores for this website especially the audience score.

Here is what some peeps on the Rotten Tomatoes Facebook thought of the movie...

"I enjoyed the action. I have no clue what the plot was. I kept having to step out of the theater. I have to watch it again at home. It was great in Dolby as well.

Kong it is. Godzilla is mightier (of course he would be given his stature, abilities and experience).

The video gives a round to Kong because he had the only movie to score 100%, yet on the front page there's a rundown of the various movies and it only got 98% while Godzilla really does one perfect score (Godzilla vs. Destroyah).

After seeing Godzilla in 2018, the worst movie I saw that year, my expectations for this one were low, but I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t terrible."


GO CHECK IT OUT at the Big Sky Drive In and make sure to visit their WEBSITE TO SEE the full slate of showings they have going on this weekend at the Big Sky Drive In.

And, as always make sure to grab a Chihuahua taco at the concessions!

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