Can you believe this? My ex just sent me this nude pic tryna win me back because she's all lonely on Valentine's Day. Some people just don't get a clue. Am I right? All my playas and pimps out there are picking up what I'm putting down. #thestruggle, right fellas? I mean, I'm just trying to mind my business and do the right thing here. Not to mention, my current girl will cut us both if she catches messin' around with this dirty skank. Who knows where she's been since we broke up?

In case you haven't got the joke yet, YES I'm talking about my hand.

Seriously though, I hope you single folks out there do something special for yourselves. After all, this is a day for lovers. Who can you possibly love if you don't love yourself first? Go treat yourself tonight. Swipe Right on you. Take yourself out and spoil you a little bit. Who knows? You might even get lucky. You keep telling yourself you aren't that kind of girl but you know you want it. You dirty little minx you.


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