I'm a meme junkie. I love pretty much all the typical overused internet memes floating around out there. CASH ME OUSSIDE HOWBOWDAH! I've even made a few myself that have seemed to have caught on. Lol it's a complete waste of time making memes but for some reason I can't stop doing it. I used to be crazy addicted to the old Tosh.0 caption challenge back in the day. Basically, you go to his website, check out the pic he posted up, add a caption to it, and which ever caption the gets the most votes wins and gets featured on his show. I've won at least 10 of those and it was completely pointless. One thing I can't stand on Facebook is when I make a meme and someone shares it without so much as a like as if it were theirs. I know its petty but I can't help it. Give cred to the source man.

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