Duuuude! It's finally among us. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays! I'm the typical boy when it comes to fireworks. I never used them properly. I took harmless things like sparklers and turned them into explosive sticks of dynamite. It used to be a 4th of July tradition for my friends and I to purchase various sizes of PVC pipe, a metric ton of bottle rockets and roman candles, and divide into teams so we could have a war. Yes, this included us actually shooting each other. Why you ask? BECAUSE 'MURICA!

As we got older it calmed down a bit and turned into wanting to see what professional grade stadium fireworks looked like up close. Instead of launching them out of the tube, we would wet down everything within a 100 yard radius and set them off on the ground, and play "dodge the giant fireballs flying at our stupid faces". The neighbors LOVED that game BTW. After that, it was on to my personal favorite game which meant at 3 a.m. we would try to break last years record for the longest chain of black cats. The longest we ever reached was two city blocks. I only know this because we used the street to measure. . .and by that I mean we set off a two block long string of black cats at 3 in the morning, then sat back and took bets on how long it would take the neighbors to come outside yelling. One year we got the bright idea to see what would happen if we poured racing fuel into a drum and threw an artillery shell in it shortly after lighting it. . . DONT.DO.THAT! THE POLICE WILL GET CALLED!

Needless to say, we celebrate a little more responsibly now that we have kids of our own and they're around watching. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be stupid like we were. The part you don't hear is the hospital visits and burns that came with all of our "fun". Be safe, have fun, ask yourself WWBD,(What Would Brizzown Do?) then do the exact opposite of that.