Star Spangled Salute
The 2018 Star Spangled Salute in Midland will be here before you know it! Who's ready for some fireworks? The fourth festivities are going down on Wednesday, July 4th at Hogan Park 1201 E. Wadley Avenue.
Happy 4th carmen
Happy 4th of July from Carmen. She loves fireworks! But, something tells me she has a different reason for wanting fireworks this year. And, it involves her Mother In Law. LOL
Check out Carmen below!
What's Your Favorite Firework?
Duuuude! It's finally among us. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays! I'm the typical boy when it comes to fireworks. I never used them properly. I took harmless things like sparklers and turned them into explosive sticks of dynamite...
us at fireworks stand
Fourth of July means it's time to visit a fireworks stand. Isn't it fun to go on the hunt for these places. LOL They are always in the weirdest locations, usually outside city limits. It's funny where one will pop up.
So me and Rebecca started talking about what's it like for us w…