The 90's were unlike any generation before it. Most people stuck to one genre of music before the introduction of the internet to the masses via AOL in the early 90's. Sure it took us 45 minutes to connect, then another hour to download a song, but we didn't mind because our generation wasn't overloaded with a constant barrage of instant information.

90's kids were a very unique breed. We had technology at our fingertips but it hadn't yet taken over the lives of the youth. You only got to use the internet if you had several hours of time and your parents weren't expecting an important phone call. Even when all conditions were right, your patience would usually be repaid with 10 minutes in a chat room followed by the abrupt sound of "GOODBYE" all because a telemarketer decided to call the line you were using the internet on.

Despite all of this, 90's kids started using the internet to discover several different types of music which lead to crazy blends like Rap Metal and SKA. Very few 90's kids stuck with only one genre. It didn't matter if you were into metal or gangsta rap. If BYE BYE BYE comes on a juke box at a bar now,

Ewing 33 Hi 2015 All Star

 and you were a teen in the 90's, you are getting up, singing, and doing the dance. The mix of nostalgia and alcohol simply won't allow you to sit quiet and still.

What was your favorite 90's Jam?

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