It's no secret. West Texans LOOOOOOOOVE their hot sauce. Heck, my favorite sub place is Firehouse just because of all the hot sauce selections they have to choose from. However, I wanna know what West Texans think the ABSOLUTE champion of hot sauce is. Now please, don't confuse salsa with hot sauce. They are two different things. Personally, I think I have to put Sriracha at the top of the list for me. I put that stuff on almost everything including eggs. Here's my top 5 list. Let's see if you guys agree.

1. Sriracha

2. Red Devil

3. Cholula

4. Frank's Red Hot

5. Louisiana

It was a very hard list to make for me because I literally have over 15 different sauces sitting at my house as we speak. Just talking about them makes me wanna snag a chemichanga and run home. What's your favorite of all time?

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