I have a confession to make. I loooove Halloween but I have no earthly idea what I'm going as for Halloween. It's not that I haven't put thought to it, or even that I'm waiting until last minute. The honest reason I still have no clue what I am for Halloween is, my GF is dressing me. Yes, you heard right. I'm that guy. Don't get me wrong. Normally I would never let this happen, but she's pretty awesome at this whole Halloween thing and she said she has an idea and she wants to surprise me. The weird thing is I'm not allowed to shave my upper lip for the next couple of weeks in order to prepare for said costume. . . Just between you and me, I think she's gonna have me be an American Horror Story character. She has a HUGE thing for Evan Peters and she thinks I look like him so my money is on that. For the record, I don't think I look anything like Evan Peters.

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