All my couples and even my single people, what'd you guys do on Valentines day? This is a pic of one of the things I did for my beloved. I thought I was being clever witht the chocolates. For those of you who didn't catch the proposal video, I'm getting married to Tawny the Rock Chick from our sister station KBAT. Now you get it? ::High fives myself::

What did you guys do though? There's a lot of romantic fellas out there believe it or not ladies. If your man did something special then feel free to show it off in the comments. Single people, I haven't forgotten about you. Hell, I think Valentine's can be just as much about you as it is about couples. What I always did on Valentine's Day when I was single was I took time for me to do something I really enjoyed as a single person. I love being in a relationship but lets face it, being able to just do whatever you want without having to explain it to anyone is a super power possessed by single people. I'm a naturally random person so when I was single it was fairly common for me to be on my way home from work and just randomly decide to go to BWW and have a beer by myself or call up a couple of friends for no reason and go throw a few games of disc golf. If you didn't take a little time to do something that only single people can do yesterday, I highly recommend you make up for it today. After all, you can't properly be with someone else until you can learn to love being with yourself.

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