Have you ever heard so much about a movie that you buy into it and think fine, I'll watch. Just because everyone says it's so good. That's me 100. If a friend or family member suggest it, I'm a sucker, I watch.

This has happened already with two different movies. My question however is...what the heck is Hollywood doing? I watched a movie last year that actually came out in 2019, starring Kerry Washington, it is called American Son. That movie was set in a police station. Literally they did not leave the police station and there were a total of about 5 characters throughout the entire movie! It was good but had to have been super cheap to make. Like why did they choose to make this movie this way?

Over the weekend,  Malcolm and Marie dropped on Netflix. Spoiler alert: if you plan on watching this movie, do not read any further. Basically it's about a couple who just came home from his movie premiere, it stars John David Washington who plays Malcolm and his girl Marie, played by Zendaya. All they do is argue. All night long, in their home, they never leave their home and literally no other characters are present. PLUS, here is the kicker, it is all in black and white

When is the last time, or have you ever watched a movie in black and white? The thing is, I watched both movies and did not hate them! I could not pull away from either. I'm assuming that since many newer releases are going straight to streaming services and the actors still have to get paid their large salaries, this is a way to 'cut corners?'

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