It be that way sometimes, right? I eat tuna fish on a regular basis and even when I'm making it I'm cringing. But once I take that first bite, oh my it's so good! Food that tastes amazing, we love it and probably even eat it on a regular basis but smells the worst! I asked this question on our B93 Facebook recently and got some great answers. 


Ismael *menudo

Agreed. In some cases if you didn't clean it properly that may be where the smell is coming from but otherwise, I'll take 2 bowls please.


Aqua *cabbage *chittlins

I don't eat a ton of cabbage so I'm going to take Aqua's word on this one!

corned beef and cabbage

Tessa *pork skins

Yep! Nasty smell, yummy road snack.

Nichole *shrimp & fish

I love, I mean love seafood and not all of my family does. So yes they do complain about the smell quite often.

Shrimp fried in oil. Peeled tails of shrimp langoustine fried in a deep dish.

Irving *papaya

Really? OMG I sure will go buy me 1 now to find out. lol

Photo by Happy Surani on Unsplash
Photo by Happy Surani on Unsplash

Ana and Diana *tripitas

Both of these lovely ladies on Facebook say tripas. I 100% agree but aren't they so good?

Elizabeth *broccoli/milk

I eat lots of veggies and would have to agree they don't smell the best while being steamed.

Fresh broccoli isolated on white background

AmberNTony *deviled eggs

Uggghhh agreed! And how many of us have eaten those since Easter?

Photo by Rosalie Barley on Unsplash
Photo by Rosalie Barley on Unsplash

I would say eggs in any form smell awful but many of us eat them on a regular basis. Which other foods would you say taste amazing but the smell we can do without?

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