Pretty soon I will be participating in the 'Weight Loss Challenge' at work. Not something that I will enjoy doing by any means but something that needs to be done regardless. Nothing like recently being told by a couple of friends and family members that 'you're fat' to motivate a person! 

This weight loss challenge could not have come up at a more perfect time! Now, I'm determined, however I'm really not a gym type person, I'm not crazy about the idea of working out in front of others. In the past, I've done other things to lose weight, things that worked for me personally but as we all know, the older you get, the tougher it is to get the weight off. Therefore, I am totally open to suggestions.

Certain foods that you have tried, exercise, workouts that don't have to be done in a gym per se, I'm down for. Help a girl out! More than anything, I'm on a mission to lose weight to shut down the persons that said I needed to! It's on now baby! lol