Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Went out with a GUY this past weekend and the first post he posted Sunday morning was  "Never Let The Fear of STRIKING OUT, keep you from playing the Game!" Um...what? What the heck. He literally posted this right after our date. Havent heard from him since. Just wondering if this was a refleciton of our date? I should I take it?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Albert Tarango
Depends. Did you put out, Resbalosa?!?! If you don't want people to know you're easy don't be easy

Kimberly Boyette
He didn’t want a date he wanted one thing. Move on.

Top Fan
Jacob Garcia
Sounds more like he struck out and that’s why he left
Sounds like he hit raw and yee hawed

Saul Sauceda
Don't worry about it. Just enjoy your life and do what you want just be careful and protect yourself at all times... like a boxer

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
I shot my shot at someone I never thought I'd have the privilege of even having a date with. Things worked out well. In my mind I struck out a million times before I even got to bat.

Eduardo Robles
He tooted it and booted it

Ray Ray
Look, if the meme was meant for you than so be it. It's basically confirmation for yo that this guy isn't worth our time if he wants to play MEME GAMES!
A real man wouldn't do that!

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