The entire B93 Crew went to Disney World earlier this year. If you'll look behind me in this pic, you'll see the beautiful Coronado Springs Resort. This is a small lake that naturally exists in the resort, complete with a man made sandy beach.

Coronado Springs is one of the resorts reported to have alligator sightings. I was more surprised by how shocked people seemed to be, than I was surprised that wildlife existed in a place called Animal Kingdom. These resorts are in FLORIDA! That's where gators are from. I'm fairly certain an alligator doesn't care if it doesn't have a Magic Pass to The Magic Kingdom. I was even telling the crew while I was there that there were definitely gators in the water behind me.

I think sometimes as humans we forget that it's our rules and way of living that is different than any other creature on the planet. They don't follow our rules. If you build a resort where they live they don't know they aren't supposed to be there. They don't have an email account. They didn't get the memo.