The weekend is here! Any plans? Friday Night Football, maybe take in a movie, some shopping or one of my favorite things to do, binge watch shows! Anytime I finish a show, I start asking around for suggestions. Typically I find someone who highly recommends one and I start watching immediately. I'm currently hooked on two on Netflix...

The first is The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. If you like to travel, this show will give you a ton of ideas as Jo, Megan and Luis, the hosts of the show, give you a 'budget friendly' way to travel to some of the world's most amazing destinations. In season 1, you will visit beautiful Bali, Alaska, Mexico City and the Bahamas among others and you will be left ready to book a vacation trip to each.

Season 2 was just released a couple of weeks ago, so for sure I will be bingeing it soon. Check out the trailer for season 1:

The next is Virgin River, about a nurse practitioner from L.A. who moves to a small town, completely different than what she is used to. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one at first but 3 or 4 episodes in I was hooked. The twists and turns this drama takes is well worth the watch. There are currently 3 seasons with the 4th expected to drop summer of 2022. Check out a preview:

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