Two Shows I Recommend To Binge On Netflix Right Now
The weekend is here! Any plans? Friday Night Football, maybe take in a movie, some shopping or one of my favorite things to do, binge watch shows! Anytime I finish a show, I start asking around for suggestions. Typically I find someone who highly recommends one and I start watching immediately. I'm currently hooked on two on Netflix...
Wagner Noel Set To Kick-Off 10 Year Anniversary Celebration With Free Concert
I am telling you right now I love, love, love the fact that we were graced with the presence of our friends and neighbors, the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center almost 10 years ago! I have seen everyone from Foreigner, to Kenny Rogers, to Olivia Newton-John, to Jo Koy, Shopkins LIVE! and countless other shows that include tribute bands and even my little one's first ever dance recital.
Check Out Some Of The Shows I Binged Over The Holidays
So what did you do during the long Christmas break? Eat. Sleep. Binge. Repeat? That's what this girl did for sure! After the Christmas shopping was done, gifts were wrapped and under the tree and cookies were decorated, what more was there to do? Lay around and watch tv. I'm really good at it now. lol Let me share with you some great shows I caught over the holidays...
I Want To Know Whatcha Watchin?
I think I shall have a recurring blog called, 'whatcha watchin?' Here's the thing, I have several of the streaming apps as many people do and I'm always looking for new shows to watch. I am currently watching The Circle on Netflix with Spenser Confidential starring Mark Wahlberg up next.
My Favorite TV Show From The 80’s
OMG while flipping through channels on tv the other day I came across a channel that apparently shows tv shows from my childhood. The quality was horrible but I sat through 2 episodes that took me down memory lane. Who remembers and watched Silver Spoons? I had a hardcore crush on little Ricky Schroeder with that blonde hair and cute dimples.
binge watching
Have you ever 'binge watched' a show? These days a lot of people do. My son is currently all about the show Parks & Recreation and my sister is now up-to-date on Empire after having watched all of the first season recently. lol