I Want To Know Whatcha Watchin?
I think I shall have a recurring blog called, 'whatcha watchin?' Here's the thing, I have several of the streaming apps as many people do and I'm always looking for new shows to watch. I am currently watching The Circle on Netflix with Spenser Confidential starring Mark Wahlberg …
My Favorite TV Show From The 80’s
OMG while flipping through channels on tv the other day I came across a channel that apparently shows tv shows from my childhood. The quality was horrible but I sat through 2 episodes that took me down memory lane. Who remembers and watched Silver Spoons? I had a hardcore crush on little Ricky Schro…
binge watching
Have you ever 'binge watched' a show? These days a lot of people do. My son is currently all about the show Parks & Recreation and my sister is now up-to-date on Empire after having watched all of the first season recently. lol