When is the last time you planted a tree? When is the last time you planted a free tree?
you know, with the COLD weather lately here in the 432, it sure hasn't felt like 'tree planting' weather, but trees have bloomed while others are late to it.

Keep Odessa Beautiful is actually giving away trees. I think this is cool. Have you priced TREES lately. they are not cheap. So anytime someone wants to give you one, I would jump on it.

According to yourbasin.com,

The “Plant a Tree for Hope’ event be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. April 23 at 814 W. 42nd Street.

Available trees will vary from Roughleaf Dogwood, Mexican Buckeye, Yaupon, Chinese Pistache, Wax Myrtle, Flowering Dogwood and American Elm.

So I looked up some of the trees they are giving away. And here is how I would describe them.
The Roughleaf Dogwood grows to be a pretty decent size tree and has white flowers on it.
The Mexican Buckeye is a pretty cool tree. I would call this the 'purple' tree. Very colorful with a wide bloom.
The Yaupon looks more like a low to the ground bush.
The Chinese Pistache is the 'orange' tree. Very bright and sweet looking.

That's how I would describe them after googling these trees. They all look very nice and I wouldn't mind having any of them at my house.

Again the event happens this Friday starting at 9am.
Who's ready to plant a tree?

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