Ever since I gave birth to my sweet baby girl I find that people give their two cents, even when it's not wanted. I have had several women suggest that I should breastfeed or not breastfeed my baby, it's the craziest thing!

I have some giving reasons why I should and others saying it's disgusting and they never did it. Well I'll be the first to say I do not think it's disgusting and yes, I am breastfeeding. Before we even left the hospital, the 'lactation specialist' gave us the talk about the benefits and rewards of a breastfed baby. I choose to do it for my own reasons, not having to spend so much money on formula for one, the fact that it boosts a baby's immune system,  the bond I create with my baby and because I can. To each his own.....right? Did anyone ever say anything to you about breastfeeding, good or bad?

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